To volunteers as a preceptor, medical student, or pre-medical student, please select a program site below.

5th St. Shelter

Homeless, Womens and Dermatology Clinics

For further information, to establish an account, or to inquire about special volunteer opportunities, please an official email address (UCSF or other educational/clinical account) to contact:


Licensed physicians whose coverage allows them to practice at as volunteers in community clinics are welcomed to participate in preceptorship opportunities.

Volunteer Communication

The clinic actively maintains email listservs for the following groups:

-Nursing Clinical Volunteers
-Medical Student Clinical Volunteers
-Pre-Medical Student Volunteers
-Pharmacy Team
-Dermatology Clinic Team
-Smoking Cessation Team
-Med-Law Team
-Women’s Clinic Team
-5th St. Working Group
-Clinic Leadership Body, “Corpus”

To have your address added to or removed from one of these lists, please do the following:

-use an official email account (educational or clinical employment/appointment) to contact admin@ucsf.homelessclinic.org
-include your full name, affiliation with the clinic, and class/graduation year if applicable
-include a description which lists you would like to be added to/remove from